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Shopping in Kaohsiung

´╗┐pKaohsiung is really a famous tourist destination in Taiwan. This city is the second largest and provides wonderful opportunities for sightseeing, watersports and recreation. In case you are going to visit Kaohsiung, you will be fascinated by its fantastic architecture, hospitality of the local people and modern shopping centers. Shopping in Kaohsiung is all about fun and excitement. Having a variety of malls, stores, supermarkets, night markets and handicrafts shops, Shopping in Kaohsiung can be an incomparable experience. It may be experienced best at the sprawling malls or department stores, supermarkets, night markets, arts and crafts shops and shops for computer equipments and sportswear. Most of the hotels in Taiwan are conveniently located in the downtown and offer great possibilities for accommodation in Taiwan. They have proper position close to all main shopping centers and tourist attractions. Amongst the perfect places for experiencing a whole lot of fun and enjoyment on shopping is Dashwun. Located along Wumiao Rd, Linya District, Dashwun offers an absolute shopping experience between 8am - 10:30pm each day. It offers modern features for example car parking facilities. Fongshan located along Raylon E Rd, Fong Shan, works from 08.00a.m. to 11.00p.m. It also provides modern and upgraded amenities to make your shopping antimate experience. Carrefour or 'Ja La Foo' offers some exciting shopping. Major credit cards are accepted and there is a lot of space for free parking, just for your convenience. You can also go to Love River and Shihchwen, which are remarkable colorful shopping trails in Kaohsiung. Shihchwen is ideally located just opposite Kaohsiung Medical University near the Minzu Rd Bridge. Open from 9am-11pm and located along Chungshan W Rd, Chungshan provides you some memorable possibilities for shopping in Kaohsiung. Wujia, Costco, FE21' Mega 21, Hanshin, Isetan, New Century, President Dept. Store, Shingkong Mitsukoshi and Sogo-Pacific are some of the finest shopping destinations in Kaohsiung in Taiwan. For sportswear and equipments, you must visit Good Time Sporting Goods Dept Store. Computers along with other electronic goods can be bought from Chienkuo Computer Arcade. It is ideally located close to the train station. Nova Computer Mall offers a number of stores selling new computers. Sunfar Computer is another popular name selling fantastic electronic items. Night Markets are a fantastic idea for some unforgettable shopping. Jade Market, located along Tzuli and Shihchuan Rds intersection Indoor market is open all through Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from the morning till the afternoon. If you decide to take as a souvenir from Kaohsiung some exotic handicrafts and arts, Back Alley, Flying Fish Boutique, Mei Li Tan Artcrafts and Tsai Feng Tang Art are some of the popular areas for these types of goods. Of course Kaohsiung is not only shopping. Here you can find also some great tourist attractions and many other exciting things to do. If you want to get the best discounted rates for your vacation, you can book online hotel in Taiwan in advance.This article is sposnsored by

When and how the snow arrives in Lapland.

´╗┐Lapland has experienced the early onset of spring with the snow falling from the trees and the cross country ski tracks being reduced. The snow has now disappeared in the town and only on the rivers, streams and the ski slopes does it remain but not for long. Lapland Yllas offers some of the latest skiing into the season with skiing going on until early May but the skiing may end attle sooner this year. The sun is well in the sky but it doesn't mean that winter has left completely, although day time temperatures are in plus figures, a late blast of winter is still possible. The winter may blast in for a week or so but it won't last for long and spring will win in the end, the animals are out of hibernation and the green shoots of spring are waiting to appear. The spring will eventually give way to the summer and the temperatures in the summer are very warm in Lapland. Early September will see the days slightly shorter and the nights quite cold, the day temperatures will also begin to gradually drop, so much so at first that you will not notice but come the end of September the temperature are decidedly chilly. The beginning of October will see definite frosts at night and chilly days, sometimes October can see snow but it is normally the beginning of November before the snow arrives. Many of us just accept that Lapland is covered in knee deep snow but it takes quite some time for this to happen. The first snows very rarely stick and as quickly as the first showers of snow have arrived, it quickly melts and disappears. The end of November will see the snow beginning to stick and Lapland will be white over, the snow will then accumulate and simply get deeper and deeper. The first cross country ski tracks are opened in October because snow is taken and laid down in order for the tracks to be ready but not all of the tracks are open. December sees the snow accumulating and snow levels will reach 60cm by January. This is evident at the roadsides where the snow plough has not been because all of the roads and pavements are cleared for safety. The winter in Lapland will last for over 200 days and the months remain dark until the end of January when the sun will appear above the horizon for the first time. The days then begin to get longer and the temperatures warmer until the whole cycle starts again.